Sunday, July 6, 2008

5:30 is early

Every so often, I decide that I am going to start exercising. Those of you who know me even slightly well know that I do not like to do this. So it usually doesn't last very long. I did really well last May and then fell down some stairs like a dufus at Coolidge Park (while holding Andrew) and hurt my foot really badly. That benched me for awhile. By the time it healed, I was demotivated.

So here I go again. As a busy mom, early morning before the kids get up is really the only time you can be sure to get anything in that you want to do. So starting tomorrow morning, I am going to try and get up at 5:30. By the time the boys get up at 7:00, I hope to have exercised, showered, and read my Bible. (I am so out of shape that I have to start out with shorter workouts. I've actually been walking three times a week for the past three weeks. Not a lot, I know, but 100% more than I had been doing!) I plan to walk M, W, F, and do step aerobics on Tu and Th. Maybe just by sending out this plan into cyberspace I will feel guilted into actually getting up in the morning. I detest getting up in the morning. Ugh. Yuck. HATE IT.

If you get a chance, check out the Branton Family blog (in my list of blogs on the left of this page toward the bottom). Their son, Zach, has Down syndrome and just had heart surgery last Thursday. He is having complications and they could use your prayers!! They live in Arizona. I was given their blog site by an online friend who knew I would love reading it. What a precious family.

Hope you all have a great week!!!


~heather~ said...

You're a brave woman to get up at 5:30 when your kids aren't up yet! I admire that about you, maybe I'll start exercising too.

Shannon said...

good luck with working out! i went back to the gym this week, and it is hard to stay motivated - but i have to go there to drop Carter off for camp, so i figure why not?

Beth Chappelear said...

I have to do the same thing! It is either get up and do it before the beast (that is Cooper btw) rises or never work out. So I hit the gym at 5:30 and get home before Josh leaves for work. We are crazy aren't we?