Saturday, June 21, 2008

May I play?

Okay, I finally guilted myself into starting a blog. I want to be cool like all the bloggers I read, and the intimidation of not measuring up has stopped me from trying!! :)

I figured that no one would really want to read about a family of four from north Georgia, but I think it will most likely be more for me than for anyone. Life as a stay-at-home mom can get rather mundane at times, and the days and weeks seem to pass sometimes without incident. While this is sometimes good, it means that the time can slip away without anything to mark seemingly normal incidents. I don't want to not remember what it is like to have two small children or to be in my early 30s. LOL

I suppose those who read anything I post online will say that I am honest. I don't like sugar coating things. It is hard for me to understand why anyone would. Just give it to me straight.

Like Benjamin. I'll admit--I most likely would not have considered starting a blog had we not just been blessed with a Down syndrome child. (No, I'm not going to write "a child with Down syndrome." I am not big into political correctness, and I don't feel that it's demeaning to him to put the adjective before the'll soon learn if you don't know already that I'm a huge English language freak.) Anyway, it seems many people are interested in our lives. At least they were after the initial diagnosis. And it was wonderful. But I think what people fail to realize (not that I fault them at all) is that it isn't always at the beginning of a journey when you need nourishment.

Oh, it just started raining! Matthew and Andrew are both taking much-needed naps on this Saturday afternoon, and Benjamin is getting noisy over on his playmat where I placed him after I fed him. The cats are lurking around, looking around at the birds and rain out the windows.I need to sign off for now. I hope to get on later this weekend and tell more about our story and post some pics.

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