Saturday, June 21, 2008

I have a blog headache

I consider myself to be fairly intelligent. I'm probably even too prideful about it sometimes. Well, consider me humbled tonight. This blog stuff is driving me NUTS! I tried to add audio to my blog. In the process, I somehow messed up the whole thing and deleted some important mumbo jumbo. Then I couldn't figure out how to get it back. The worst part (besides the fact that Matthew was itching to use the laptop so I was under added pressure--hey, he did the dishes in the meantime!) was that I couldn't even figure out how in the world to get help! I mean, what the heck is a 'widget'? ARRRRGGG!! I think I figured it out, but I wish I could get it to play my song automatically instead of a reader having to click the play button. But I fear that if I try to fix it, the option will disappear into cyberspace. And I lost Al Gore's phone number, so all will be lost.

P.S. I did have two comments from my first post, but in my mad attempt to figure out my problems, I started over and they were deleted. Sorry!

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J Cros said...

I didn't read it, but I noticed no one has commented yet. I commented so you wouldn't feel lonely.