Monday, July 1, 2013

"Me" Monday--I am a runner.

At an attempt to start blogging more, I am going to try themed posts for awhile.

I know I need to update the "about me" section and all that jazz.

But baby steps.

Today I am going to try and talk some about ME.

Not my kids. Not my husband.


I'll have to be brief, as I'm in the midst of potty-training hell, and I am on call.

See--there I go, not making it about me.

As many of you know, I have become a runner in the past couple of years. In my 100th post, I remember typing that running was overrated and that I'd never understand it.

I'm proof that people can change.

I have run hundreds and hundreds of miles, and I have run 24 races.
Here is the breakdown. Including my very first race (Disney 5K) on January 7, 2011, I have run:

11 5Ks
1 8K
2 10Ks
2 15Ks
8 half marathons

While I am not fast by ANY means, I am proud of my progress.

My current PR (personal record) for each is:

5K: 30:26 (a 9:48 pace)
8K (I've only done one): 54:24 (a 10:28 pace)
10K: 1:07 (a 10:48 pace)
15K: 1:43:59 (an 11:10 pace)
half marathon: 2:24:17 (a 10:57 pace)

My running tidbits:
I only run three times a week, even while I'm training for a race. (So does my husband Matthew, and he's a super-fast-Boston-Marathon runner.)
I don't LOVE running but I can't imagine not being a runner.

Despite what people think, just b/c I run does NOT mean I get to "eat whatever I want." Because I can eat a LOT, and I love all the foods and drinks that are bad for me.

I have no desire to do mud runs, color runs, trail runs, or full marathons. I've toyed with the idea of running on a Ragnar team (an overnight relay race) but I am not sure about it.

I have met MANY friends, both online and real-life, through running. I love my running friends.

While I love running friends, I am a cat runner. There are dog runners and cat runners. Dog runners are social. They like running with others. Cat people run alone. I like to run with Eminem, Ke$ha, and Flo Rida. And no one else. (Though I did enjoy very much running this year's Chickamauga Chase 15K with my good friend Diana, and whenever I can run with Matthew, I love that.)

It sometimes gets into my head that I am a slow runner. But as with most things in life, I need to only look at MY progress and MY speed, and how I feel. Comparisons don't work.

I never realized before how MENTAL running is. Nor how euphoric it can be. Nor how depressing.

I HATE running in the heat/humidity/sun. The perfect conditions for running (to me) is about 45-50 degrees with a *little* sun OR 55 with a slight breeze and overcast. I cannot run in temps over about 73 unless it's low humidity and the BLACK of night.

Matthew and I love to run races together, but not together. He is always at the front of the pack, and I am toward the back. But we love to experience the same races and can talk for hours later about our races. I love that he's almost always there waiting for me at the finish line. We also love to travel for races, and do so as much as we can.

Finally, here are a few of my favorite running pics:

Okay. This post took me all day. I'm currently in my bathroom with Thomas who is sitting on the potty watching "Charlie & Lola" on the iPad. (He won't poop on the potty--more on that later.)

So, here ya go! ME Monday!


Christia said...

I'm a cat runner too. And Jay-Z is my favorite running partner! Probably you should add Run This Town to your playlist. <3

twoplusfourequalssix said...

Can I just tell you how impressed and awed I am by you and your running? I cannot believe you have run a half marathon! I used to run (jog) when I was out of college and first started teaching. Then I got married and had kids and everything went downhill. I would love to begin again but sometimes get discouraged that it will be too difficult. Any tips? (besides blaring NKOTB in my earphones for inspiration? :-))


Michelle said...

I just love ya! If you ever do decide to do a relay or overnight run let's do it together. OH and I'm with you on those obstacle mud foam color races? No thanks.