Sunday, March 3, 2013


I think I've figured out one of the reasons I haven't been blogging.

Well, besides the fact that I have three young sons to take care of, a household to run, and races to train for. And lots of TV to watch.

See, I find it difficult to blog w/out posting pictures, and I haven't taken one picture on my camera since April 30. Why? Because I got my iPhone on May 1. I know there are ways of getting pictures from my phone to my computer, but by the time I do that (roughly every month or two), I've forgotten any blogging ideas I might have had earlier.

But I finally just realized that I can blog from my phone, which means I can post pictures from my phone.

Sadly, I'd much rather type from my laptop. Just don't know what to do with all my first world problems, y'all...

I need to update my side-bar information but BABY STEPS.

So for now, here are some recent pictures.

An ER visit in the middle of the night w/Benjamin, which was in the middle of a REALLY bad illness. What was it? A little bit of almost everything--pneumonia, possible flu, ear infection, upper respiratory, stomach bug. It left him weak and lifeless, emaciated and pretty much looking like death. He missed 11 days of school, and I am happy to say that he is BACK to his normal happy self.
He's doing well in preschool and has met several goals. We still struggle with communication; I think we always will. We have decided not to start him in kindergarten this fall (even though he turns five next month), as he needs another year in preschool.

Andrew is doing well in first grade. He is coming along fine in math and excelling in reading. His recent testing placed him 7th out of his 20 classmates in math, scoring in the 1st grade, eighth month (which was only two months ahead, so he's basically right in the middle, right on track, but not excelling). But I must brag about his reading. He was 1 out of 20, and he scored in the 4th grade, 2nd month. That's my boy!!!! He turns seven this month (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN) and is looking forward to his YMCA birthday party.

Oh, Thomas. Such a charmer. Such a cutie. Such a brat. I'm not kidding. I say that with all the love in my heart that a mom can have for her child. He goes to twice-a-week church preschool and loves Mickey Mouse and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Here I am just a week ago today in Disney World after running the Princess Half Marathon. It was my 7th half marathon! I went for the weekend w/girlfriends and despite a difficult race, had a wonderful time!
Okay, more later--I promise! 


We Run Disney said...

Love your Princess photo in front of the castle! Well done Angela!

sarahsmithstorm said...

Love reading about your family and the pictures are great! Can't wit to read more!!

sarahsmithstorm said...

Love. Reading about your family and seeing the beautiful pictures!!

JILL said...

Welcome back! <3

twoplusfourequalssix said...

I love reading your blog! Was so happy to see a new post!