Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, Monday

I know you're thinking that this is going to be a depressing post about how much I hate Mondays.


Since September, and not including Christmas and Spring breaks, Mondays have definitely come up in my opinion. Andrew and Benjamin are in school, and Thomas and I quite enjoy our Monday mornings. (i.e. Summer break's gonna suck.)

Matthew is in the throes of the dreaded Busy Season. He works for a major health insurance company. Every year from about mid-February until mid-June, he is just gone. He is either traveling to a meeting or working super late to prepare to travel to a meeting.

But it's all good. It allows him to be able to come home at a decent time during the other times of the year, and those Delta points & Marriott points sure do come in handy for trips! :)

Today he is in Memphis.

Makes me wanna read a John Grisham novel.

Today I am washing clothes and blankets. Fun times!

I am also eating whatevertheheck I want to because tomorrow is the first day of May.

Last May I lost 12 pounds doing a weight-loss challenge.

I was quite a bit heavier then, and I don't expect to lose *that* much this May.

But I do need to get my eating in check. It's off the chain. Or the hook. Or whatever the kids are saying these days.

This challenge is just me, though. I need to reach out to my online friends and see if anyone wants to do a May weight-loss challenge with me.

If any of you do, find me on Facebook and let me know!

But today is still April. I will be enjoying it. :)

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