Monday, March 12, 2012

30-Day Bloggity Blogness: Day 12

Day 12: Something you don't leave the house without

Duh. My cell phone.

Though lately it feels like I never get to leave the house OR I don't leave the house without at least one of my children.

But I am desperately lost without my cell phone.

Right now, I have a Palm Pre.

I've had it for almost two years, and it was my first Smartphone. I really have loved it. I resisted the Smartphone for a long time, saying I didn't need all that fancy stuff. Saying I only needed my 400 texts a month.


Thank goodness for Sprint and unlimited texting b/c I had over 13,000 texts last month. (I blame Twitter...)

But in less than two months, my contract will be up, and I am making the leap.

iPhone 4s, baby. I can't friggin' wait.
All I want for my birthday (two days away!!) is money and more money so I can buy an iPhone with lots of GB and accessories.


Kara said...

Yessss! Enjoy your new phone! :)

Holbrook Blog said...

I was anti iphone until I got one. I love it. Love it. Love it. Enjoy every second of it. I always never leave my house without a child or my phone. I feel your pain.

JILL said...

Somehow Apple makes me want one of those, too... even though I really don't want or need one. Wait, I DO want and need one! No, I don't!

I do still carry my phone as a pocket watch. School, Lew & my mom are the only ones with my number and I'll jump a mile if it ever rings!


The Wood Family said...

You're going to love it. It really is a life changer! =)