Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet B

Benjamin is now 3.5 years old. He goes to special-ed preschool four mornings a week (M-Thurs). The bus picks him up at 6:40 and returns him at about 11:45.

He is doing well at school. And, praise God, he hasn't been sick very much at all this fall.


He is still mainly non-verbal. He is doing a little better with repeating words, and he occasionally throws out a gang sign here and there.

But not being able to communicate with him is very, very difficult. When he's sick. When he's fussy. When he's tired. When he's frustrated. Even when he's excited and happy.

I am getting better at figuring him out, but it's tough.

He is so very adorable, though. Here he is last month watching Play With Me Sesame. Bert and Ernie were patting their heads, and after watching this episode many times, Benjamin caught on to what he's supposed to do.

Running around and chasing before bedtime is an Amick family regular, and Benjamin's squeals and giggles can be heard echoing throughout the house.


Wendy said...

Benjamin is so adorable, and he has the sweetest smile ever.

JILL said...

He is really getting tall! I love the Bert & Ernie impression. I hope some day soon you get to complain that "He never shuts up!" ;-)

BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

Sweet! xo