Monday, August 1, 2011

Well worth the $25

Now my children's DVDs are much more portable and take up a lot less room.

They're also a lot easier for Andrew to use, which frees me up to take care of the Littles.

Thank you, Target.


Aimee said...

I promise, two days ago I was putting DVD's back into their cases and thought that something like this would be much better. I think this is the confirmation I needed that it would work so much better and I already have the case. :) Brilliant Mom!

becky bell said...

I've had one for a long time, since Max was little but I need a bigger one. so much easier than having to go through all the boxes every time they want to watch a movie, esp since we watch the same ones over and over again. :)

The Wood Family said...

You just spoke my love language Angela.

JILL said...

Great solution! And I love how you are showing us a page with Mr Rogers & Snoopy DVDs!!! ♥