Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Those of you who really know me know that I am not in the "let your kids eat all messy" club. I am constantly teased (hopefully lovingly?) by my friends for making my kids wear bibs and for not letting them eat spoon/fork foods with their hands.

Welllll, today I just didn't have the energy to stop it.

Matthew was still on the way home from work, and I was busy spoon-feeding the Littles* their dinner.

Thankfully, Matthew walked in right as Andrew was finished and he was able to throw him in the bathtub.

*This is my new nickname for Thomas and Benjamin. I love it, and it describes them well. They're not truly babies anymore, but they're my Littles.


Christia said...

I refer to Julian and Gabe as the Bigs :)

Verna said...

My granddaughter likes to eat with her hands too. When her mother was small that really upset me, but when I see my granddaughter able to feed herself and that she is eating better, I simply have to remember, She/They are washable. Glad Matthew made it home in time to help clean them up. But it looks like he had a great time eating.

JILL said...

Did you make him frown for the photo? Or is that his own opinion of being messy after eating? :-) My kids can't get up from the table fast enough to go wash their hands.