Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Your Way, Check-In 4

Just finished watching the American Idol results and realized...CRAP...I forgot to check in for my weigh-in. It has to be done by 9 p.m. Central time to count. That was 15 minutes ago. :(

Anyway, it's been CRAZY around here. Benjamin only got to go to school one day this week before getting the stomach bug. Booooooo

And Thomas has turned from The Perfect Baby into a fussy, clingy, needy, stubborn toddler. I am not enjoying it AT ALL.

And our downstairs air has been out since Sunday. Yee-haw.

But for the weigh-in, I did GREAT!

Wednesday, May 25

Starting Weight: 193.2

Today's Weight: 184.0 ( -9.2 lbs)

Starting Measurements                Today's Measurements

Waist -- 37"                               Waist--35.0" ( -2")

Hips -- 42"                                 Hips--41.0" ( -1")

Thigh (R) -- 26"                         Thigh (R) --25.5 ( -0.5")

Arm (R) -- 12.75"                     Arm (R) -- 12.5" ( -0.25")

Calf (R) -- 17.5"                       Calf (R) --17.0" ( -0.5")

I felt goofy doing the challenge (complimenting myself in the mirror each day) but I did it! One more week to go! I can't BELIEVE I was late checking in today. I know, I know, the results are the still the same, and that's what's important, but DANG!


Adah said...

Good job this week! Hope your little ones feel better soon!

tarynddavidson said...

Woot!!! You are rocking it!

Trish said...

Look at the weight loss! You are killing this challenge! WTG!