Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Your Way, Check-In 3

I am *so* excited about how I've been doing on this challenge!!

My weight today was 186.2, which is a 2.2-pound loss from last week and a 7-pound loss since my initial weight on May 1.

I tell you that this diet and exercise thing WORKS! lol

My measurements last week didn't change one quarter inch, but I did see a little movement this week (since May 1).

Wednesday, May 18

Starting Weight: 193.2

Today's Weight: 186.2 ( -7lbs)

Starting Measurements                                  Today's Measurements

Waist -- 37"                                                  Waist--35.5" ( -1.5")

Hips -- 42"                                                    Hips--41.5" ( -0.5")

Thigh (R) -- 26"                                            Thigh (R) --25.75 ( -0.25")

Arm (R) -- 12.75"                                         Arm (R) -- 12.5" ( -0.25")

Calf (R) -- 17.5"                                            Calf (R) --17.25" ( -0.25")

I have stuck w my eating and exercise plan, and I even ate five servings of fruits/veggies a day for an entire week!! That was no easy task, but I did it!!!! (Thank you, tomato juice and Green Giant Just-For-One Cauliflower & Cheese trays.)

This week's challenge is all about building yourself up. I have to look in the mirror each day and compliment myself. Hmmm...I'd better wait until I've at least woken up a bit.

Matthew and I are running a local 5K this Saturday; it's my fourth 5K since January!! My goal is to be under 33 minutes. I've never run that distance faster than 34 minutes, so we shall see! :)


AnnG said...

You are doing awesome during this challenge!! Keep up the great work!! Amazing what watching what you eat and exercising can do for you, huh?? Whoohoooo!!

Adah said...

Good job are doing great! Good luck with your 5K!

Brooke said...

i'm doing a 5K this weekend too! :) can't wait to read about how well you did.

tarynddavidson said...

freaking awesome! pat yourself on the back because you rock!
very encouraging as well :)