Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's Time for the Rocking Chair Pictures Again!

To start this post, it is necessary that I copy and paste an entire blog post that I wrote on June 2, 2009.

That's two months shy of two years. My, how life has changed.

Here is the original post, and then I will add the new pictures.


When I was pregnant with Andrew, I read an article about a mom who took a picture of her daughter every year, starting at birth (or maybe age one), in the same (adult) bathing suit. Until she was 18. Just to watch the progression.

So I got a similar idea that I would highly recommend to new moms. I decided to take a picture of my children each month during the first year of their lives in the same outfit and in the same chair. The outfit is a 3-month outfit, but thankfully (so far) I have had children that start out kind of big but who don't grow that big. (And, yes, I also have a matching pink one in case we ever get our Katherine Elizabeth.)

First I will show you Andrew's pictures. We lived in our first house during all of these pictures. Matthew and I painted the stripes in Andrew's nursery ourselves. It was super easy and we're not that handy. Seriously. Let me know if you want to know how.

Andrew's Monthly Pictures

One Month Old--April 2006

Two Months Old--May 2006

Three Months Old--June 2006

Four Months Old--July 2006

Five Months Old--August 2006

Six Months Old--September 2006

Seven Months Old--October 2006

Eight Months Old--November 2006

Nine Months Old--December 2006

Ten Months Old--January 2007

Eleven Months Old--February 2007

Twelve Months Old--March 2007

And now to Benjamin's pictures. Let me first say that for many months, I was very sad after doing these pictures. I knew I wanted to do it and I needed to do it. But it made me sad.

They tell you not to compare your children. Even if you have nothing but typically developing children, you're just supposed to take each child for his or her own.

But, come on, we all do it. When you have a child who is developmentally delayed, it is hard. But we still do it.

So every month, I would grow more and more anxious that Benjamin was never going to be able to sit in that chair by himself. It stressed me out that he needed so much assistance. It made my heart hurt that while Andrew could hold himself up in the chair relatively early, it took Benjamin much longer. And I know he has Down syndrome. And I know he had two major surgeries.


But remember, I didn't really start to accept this whole Down syndrome thing until B was about 9 1/2 months old. So everything that was different was just a slap in the face to me. Now, not so much. (Sometimes, but not all the time...) :)

OKAY! Enough blabbing. Here are the pics.

Benjamin's Monthly Pictures

One Month Old--May 2008

Two Months Old--June 2008

Three Months Old--July 2008

Four Months Old--August 2008

Five Months Old--September 2008

Six Months Old--October 2008 (Three weeks and one day after his open-heart surgery!)

Seven Months Old--November 2008

Eight Months Old--December 2008

Nine Months Old--January 2009 (Exactly two weeks after his intestinal surgery.)

Ten Months Old--February 2009

Eleven Months Old--March 2009

Twelve Months Old--April 2009

Sigh. I love it. Hope you enjoyed!

It's always neat to read what I wrote when I was in a different place. I'm sure in another year or two, I'll look back on what I currently write and smile. One thing's for sure; this blog thing surely is therapeutic!

So without further ado, here are Thomas's rocking chair pictures. (Side note: You can tell how much better the picture quality is starting in December b/c of the new camera I got for Christmas.)

One Month Old--April 2010

Two Months Old--May 2010

Three Months Old--June 2010

Four Months Old--July 2010

Five Months Old--August 2010

Six Months Old--September 2010

Seven Months Old--October 2010

Eight Months Old--November 2010 (Thanksgiving Day!)

Nine Months Old--December 2010 (Christmas Day!)

Ten Months Old--January 2011

Eleven Months Old--February 2011

Twelve Months Old--March 2011

Seriously? May I please have a moment to burst out into tears? How can it be that my baby is one? *sniff*


Krystle Bailes said...

Awwwww they are adorable!!!!

JILL said...

Fr-adorable!! I know I am not supposed to compare you kids either - but don't you agree that Andrew at 12 months is the oldest looking of all 3? I love that you have all 12 pics of each boy.

Monica said...

Very cute!
I really think Thomas is a cute combination of both older brothers.

Selena said...

You have three very handsome boys! I wish I would have done montly pictures like this with my children. Great pictures!

Verna said...

very cute!