Monday, January 31, 2011


The results are: Andrew not only tested positive for strep, he also has the croup.

So he got a shot in the booty for the strep and is taking oral steroids for three days for the croup.

He was *so* brave during the shot, and I was so proud of him!! He didn't cry, and he barely flinched.

I have him quarantined in the master bedroom (where Benjamin was just released from yesterday) until tomorrow afternoon.

Thomas may or may not have strep; we didn't test him b/c he is already on Omincef for his double ear infection. His ears look like they are healing, but they are not healed yet. So we will finish the 10 days of Omnicef (three more doses) and go back next Monday for an ear recheck.

Basically the gist of it is that they all had a cold that they shared. Matthew and I also had the same cold, but we only had cold symptoms. The cold developed into strep & pneumonia for Benjamin, strep & croup for Andrew, and a double ear infection for Thomas. Thomas is also cutting 4-5 teeth all at once, so that is not helping his comfort level or his food intake or how long he naps. The doctor thinks the retraction was just a difficulty in breathing because of all the stress on his body; we can do a breathing treatment if he does it again.

Benjamin goes in this Friday for another chest x-ray, and they will send the disc to the doctor to read. The doctor will then decide whether or not to finish out his 10-day Omnicef prescription. She and I will also discuss at that time whether or not he needs to be seen further by the pulmonologist.

At least Benjamin is feeling better. He is almost back to his old self. It's so nice to see him smile again. If only he could talk to us! All in good time, I suppose...
The doctor this morning told me the steroids Andrew's taking for the croup could make him grumpy and/or hyper.

Like he's not both of those already!


Meg said...

I hope the boys all feel better soon.

JILL said...

Oh my! x3!!! Let's hope this round of drugs brings everyone back to themselves!!

TracyMarie said...

Yup...sounds just like MY HOUSE! Cheers, twinny. :D

JaybirdNWA said...

Hang in there Angela. I hope you guys get to feeling better soon. It has been a rough winter here in Northwest Arkansas but so far, we have escaped the winter time sickness. With this being the time of year that John usually gets sick, we have been very diligent in giving breathing treatments on a daily basis. And I agree with the comment about your Benjamin not being able to talk to you, our John points and grunts and speaks some words but things would be a lot better if he could talk to us. But we too are praying and hoping that in time, this will come.