Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today is the National Day of Encouragement

One of the blogs I enjoy reading is (in)courage. It's described as "home for the hearts of women." I love that the writers all come from very diverse places in their lives yet come together for the greater good of encouragement in Christ.

Recently, they posted an offer for their readers in honor of today, September 12, the National Day of Encouragement. For those who responded, they would receive a 10-pack of encouragement cards from Dayspring, a Christian card company.

In return, they would need to blog about one (or more) of the cards that they sent to encourage someone.

So here is what I did:

First, I sent a card to my Aunt Eunice. She is single and has had her two cats, Allie and Davie, for 14 years. Davey has had many health issues, and Eunice just made the painstakingly difficult decision to have him put to sleep. Many of you know how hard a decision that is. Her heart is broken, and she is rightfully very upset.

Second, I sent a card to my online friend Lauren. I "met" Lauren in the wonderful world of blogging in the last year or so. She recently gave birth to her third child, Jax. When Jax was born, they found that he had a hole in his lungs. He had quite a time in the NICU, but is healed now and is home.

Any mother of a new baby has a lot of stress. Especially when it's your third. And most especially when there are complications.

I have plans for some of the other cards. I love sending and getting "real" mail. My mother still makes and sends cards to people. It's one of her best qualities. But I don't have the time. Rather, I don't make the time.

So thank you, (in)courage and Dayspring. And may you all find someone to encourage today.

To read more stories of encouragement, go to the (in)courage blog post from today.

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