Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random Pictures

This is what Lady Gaga looked like before she was famous:

Andrew has recently showed interest in taking pictures with my digital camera. Here are a few snapshots that he has taken completely by himself:

Matthew and my mom have been to a friend's house three times this summer, picking blueberries. We bought a (small) deep freeze and it is stocked. Here are the blueberries Matthew brought home from one of those trips, and then a yummy summer treat. Fresh blueberries and Fat Free Cool Whip.

If you've ever wondered if you should rent or borrow or even buy a pressure washer, take a look at this. Our neighbors pressure-washed their fence last month. It took about eight hours to do the outside and inside. But the difference is phenomenal. I think you only have to do it every several years, but I'm not sure since we are still saving for a fence. But we plan to borrow their pressure washer (at their offering) to do our deck.

That's about all I have for now. Lots of pics and cute stories to come, but I need to sort through them all to see which ones are blog-worthy. Which is not to be confused with sponge-worthy.


Becky said...

I love pressure washing! Just be careful. In case you didn't gather by the name, the water has some pressure behind it. Enough to say, peel the skin off your hand if you accidently let that hand slip off the car and into the way of the water. I'm sure the scar will go away some day though.

Verna said...

Looking forward to seeing more and reading about your 3 boys.

Have a great day.

JILL said...

How funny - we borrowed a pressure washer this summer, too. You won't believe the difference in your driveway as well as deck! (just be careful - when you are using it, don't let the hose lay directly on the concrete or it will vibrate a hole in it... and you will have to go to Sears and buy a replacement hose for it.) And then - your husband is going to want his own.

I love Andrew's pictures! Especially the books & Clifford. And, it's always fun to see their shots of people because when a cute 4 yr old is holding hte camrea, people smile so much more naturally. Except, apparently Benjamin. LOL And I love that he caught a cat, Daddy and Thomas all in one shot!!

Kellye said...

Pressure washers are the BOMB DIGGITY!!! NO LIE! Chad did our fence (I would say we, but I only did about 10% of the fence). Definitely worth the investment! They're also good for driveways and such.

LOVE Andrew's pics! A budding photog it seems!