Monday, February 15, 2010

Am I the only non-crafty mommy out there?

Seriously, y'all.

I could only sew a button on something if it meant there were a big bowl of "Not Your Ordinary Mac & Cheese" from J. Alexander's waiting for me when I finished.

And I can't promise that said button would actually stay for more than five minutes, or that the thread would match appropriately.

I just don't have a crafty bone in my body.

I don't scrapbook.

I don't sew.

I don't make homemade cards (though my mother makes beautiful cards).

I barely color with Andrew, who has inherited my lack of interest in the arts.

But I have friends who can do amazing things.

Things that blow my mind, quite frankly.

One of these friends is a dear friend of mine named Heather.

She has a sewing blog, and is hosting a giveaway.

To be perfectly honest, I went back and forth on whether or not to share this giveaway with my blog readers because I want to win.

I get an extra chance if I share it on my blog, but I am sure that I will pull in more votes than just one by posting this. So that decreases my chances even more.

But I love Heather, and want to promote her amazing work, so I will share the giveaway with you.

Plus, if I really wanted a bag, Heather would make me one whether I won or not.

Because she's just amazing like that.

Click here to check it out for yourself!


JILL said...

I'm crafty. Sometimes too crafty. If I see rainbow colored things, I have to arrange them ROYGBIV. Stuff like that. But, I credit it all to being a Girl Scout from 1st grade until HS graduation. Wonderful leaders (my mom included) passed on their love and handicrafting talents to me.

But, I hate camping!

Heather said...

LOL, you know me too well because I was feeling guilty just reading this! Thanks for sharing. It's my bribery attempt to get people to help me with my sewing projects.

P.S. I hate camping, too.

Tina said...

This is so funny to me! I do not like crafty things either and feel I don't do enough of those things with Caleb...even at 2. He only makes things at school b/c they force him to by sitting in the "table chairs" LOL
As for A's preschool crafts...well thank goodness for books with craft ideas!!

Lisa said...

I'm not crafty. I try to be crafty and buy a bunch of stuff at Michael's and then don't do anything with it. I think about scrapbooking and then don't do it.

I agree that Heather is AMAZING. I am so behind on my reader. I need to go over to her blog and check it out. Thanks for the reminder.

p.s. your comment on my race report really made me smile. Thanks!

Christia said...

I adore Heather! She's amazing, and I love the bag!

I'm a total wannabe in the crafty department! I'm a dabbler!

Sara said...

I am NOT crafty. Instead, I mooch off of Heather at every opportunity. Then I brag about how my stuff was made by my amazingly talented friend Heather.

I am the proud owner of a whole lotta HeathertyFeatherty originals. ;)