Friday, November 13, 2009

Heart Scar (graphic pics)

I recently had a friend ask some of us heart moms for pictures of our children's scars right after surgery and now.

I see Benjamin's chest every day, but I had never really sat down and compared the pictures.

It's amazing how much difference a year makes, both on his physical outside and in my emotional inside.

Here are a few pics from before and after the surgery.

September 26, 2008 (exactly one week before surgery)

October 3, 2008 (several hours after the surgery)

November 4, 2008 (one month and one day later)

February 4, 2009 (four months and one day later)

July 3, 2009 (nine months later)

October 4, 2009 (one year and one day later)

It's no exaggeration that this has been a tough 18 months. Heart surgery, for us, really wasn't that big of a deal. I know that seems silly, and that's not the attitude of all moms whose babies have a similar experience. But it was just another hurdle to overcome for us.

I'm working on a post for later where I will explore what has been the hardest part, and what is one of my biggest fears as I anticipate the birth of my next child.

But for now? It's naptime.

I do have priorities, people. :)


My name is Sarah said...

He is so cute. I call my heart scar my badge of bravery.

Diana said...

every time I hug that sweet man I think about his battle wound, he is and will always be little benjamin braveheart


heartchild said...

I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say. :-)


HomeSpun Threads said...

Sweet Baby! He's already been through so much in his little life. He's so lucky to have a mom like you and you're so blessed to have him. I pray he keeps getting stronger and healthier every day! He's just a doll...and so is that other one. Oh and the other one we haven't met yet!

gwenolivia said...

My daughter also had an AV canal repair. When I tell other people that aren't in my shoes that it was no big deal they don't get it. I trusted that the surgery would go well. I know sometimes there are complications, but I wasn't really thinking about it. Also my daughter was really struggling with heart failure so getting the surgery was a relief and she is so much stronger now. Thanks for sharing!

count it all joy said...

What a difference a year makes. I can well understand that you have a bit of a heart scar also following a procedure like this on your beautiful boy. Meredith xo.

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a difference. And he really looks older in that last picture. What a sweet guy!!

Valerie said...

I completely agree about it not seeming like such a big deal. Weird but true! I love B's pics. Logan's looks amazing only 6 months later.

mlfont said...

it is amazing to hear that it is "no big deal" but all the veteren Moms say that! I'm looking forward to joining that club, but for now I cherish each day! What a precious boy!!!