Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Really, just not much to say

I haven't been neglecting blogging for any particular reason.

I just don't have anything to say, really.

Things here are pretty normal. Except that Andrew is going for a swallow study tomorrow. Yes, you read that right. It says "Andrew," not "Benjamin." He's always been a picky and slow eater, but it's gotten really bad lately. He just chews food and holds it and sometimes complains that it won't go down his throat. His pediatrician sounded concerned, so we went to see her last week. She said his tonsils weren't exceptionally large, but that she wanted him to see an ENT doctor, but she wanted him to have a swallow study done first.

For those of you who aren't familiar with a swallow study, here's the gist. You take the child in hungry. (His appt is at 1:00 p.m., so he can eat a light breakfast but that's all.) They coat several foods (banana, cookie, applesauce) and some liquids (thin and thick consistencies) with barium. (Thankfully, they can also add flavoring to it, something we never had to do w/Benjamin, but will most likely be necessary w/Andrew.) Then they have the child eat each food and drink each drink while they take a video x-ray of the entire process. The barium shows up nicely on the x-ray, and they are able to determine if the food and liquids go where they're supposed to go, and if the child has any abnormalities swallowing.

Because of the x-ray part, Matthew is having to take Andrew, since x-rays and pregnancy don't bode well together.


Hmmm....what else?

Oh, we have some ants in our kitchen. Not many, so far, and the exterminator is coming tomorrow. At least it's keeping the cats entertained.


OH! Benjamin has started to sign a little bit. We've been working. And working. And working on sign language for many months. Mainly just the basics. So the other day, actually while the boys and I were waiting for the doctor to see Andrew, I gave Benjamin some Cheerios (Multigrain, his favorite) in his stroller snack tray. When he finished them, he looked up at me, put his chubby little fingers together, and made the sign for "more."

I might have cried.

And then I called Matthew, and he might have cried.

See, when you have a delayed child, it worries you when things are delayed even when you know they're going to be delayed. Some children w/DS don't talk until they're three or four. Or six or seven. Or never. Seriously. This is my possible reality now.

But now he's started to communicate. Even if it's just a little bit.

It gives us hope.

Plus, he's just so dang cute when he does it.

Now we're working on "all finished," which he's done a few times, but not when he's really finished.

Oh, well, it's a start.


Oops. Guess I did have some things to say.



Stephanie said...

Love you, girl! SO excited about Benjamin's first "WORDS"!!! That is wonderful.
I miss seeing you. Wish you still came to the Bible Study.
Talk to you soon~

Mary Beth said...

How awesome... Katie's first sign was more as well. There will come a day when B's light bulb will turn on and it will all begin to make sense to him.

Have fun with the swallow study... Katie did that when she was three and her extreme oral sensory issues really prevented the doctors from completing a thorough study.

Praying for you guys!

heartchild said...

Ahhh, how I miss my littles signing. How great for Benjamin!

Tricia said...

That was a great update. Praying for you all. God bless.

Steven Hrpopolis said...

Way to bring tears to a grown man's eyes.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear about Benjamin's first word! When Alex was very young someone told me to celebrate every victory. I didn't get it at the time.... Hope all goes well with Andrew tomorrow.


Kellye said...

I'm eager to hear how the swallow study goes Angela! I think that will provide some very interesting realizations...hopefully and FINALLY get you guys on the path to the challenge of getting Andrew to eat! AND YAY for B signing! Seb did the more sign too, but that's all we've gotten out of him and you're right, it's incredibly cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Sounds like an awful test for a kid who isn't crazy about eating/swallowing in the first place. Poor kid!!

Yay B!!!!!
xoxox - JILL

The Wood Family said...

Congratulations Benjamin! And hope that the swallow study goes well. You are in our prayers.

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Hope the swallow test goes well....that is awesome news about Benjamin signing! :)

count it all joy said...

Well done, Benjamin! What a victory for the Amick household. An important day to be sure.

So sorry to hear that Andrew has to endure this swallow study - poor thing. Hope it goes smoothly for you all. Hope the pregnancy hormones are behaving themselves and not making you feel too sick or too tired. Meredith xo.

Verna said...

Hope Andrews swallow study goes well.

Fantastic news that Benjamin is learning to communicate via signing. It brings tears of joy to my eyes too.

Diana said...

I hope that all went well today with Andrew. Benjamin is going to keep surprising you I just know it! Love you all!

Astrid said...

How did the swallow study go? You just have the sweetest kids and I always love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Angela, I go away for a little while and come back to find you full-on preggers :) Congratulations! How exciting!!!

I love your posts and I love that you made the decision not to go private. Hang in there Mama, hang in there. Your boys are beautiful!

God bless you, Benjamin, and your entire family. I look forward to catching up on your news.

Marsha said...

YAYYYY Benjamin! I am!o excited for you on his first "words". I'm already learning signs and showing Seeley even though it will be quite some time for him!