Saturday, August 8, 2009

No news is good news

This week has been nice despite the fact that Matthew had to work more than usual and I am starting to feel more of that first-trimester fatigue.

The boys have both been great, and I just love them more than life itself. I am amazed every day at how smart Andrew is, and the things he comes up with just keep us rolling with laughter. And I could seriously eat Benjamin up....I just kiss on him all day and laugh at his cute little smile and giggle.

Benjamin has started to take one step. He'll stand up unassisted, and sometimes take just one step. Then he either falls or continues to stand. He *might* be walking by the time this baby is born, but I will most likely still have to carry him up and down our long, hardwood stairway. Which means a lot of trips since I'll (obviously) also have to carry the newborn.

Speaking of newborn, we have decided on names. Katherine Elizabeth Amick or Thomas Alexander Amick. (Matthew says he is not 100% sure about the boy name, but I think he is...LOL.) We will not be finding out the sex of the baby until the day of the C-section, much to the chagrin of most people we know (and many of those we don't know). But for us, it simply is THE way to have a baby! :)

Sure, there are hard times, too. I wonder how in the world I will deal with a newborn when life already seems so busy. When Benjamin's verbal delays really get me down. When the worries of the future with a special needs child (and especially a special needs adult) starts to suffocate me. When I don't shower because I am too busy but mostly too lazy. When I snap at Andrew and get frustrated with Benjamin.

But, you know, I am only human. A human who is nothing without the One who saved her by grace. And that is what keeps me going.


paula said...

Personally, I am thrilled that God is blessing our already full-with-kids-family with one more! I am so happy having all of you in my life that I don't want to stop to sleep.I just hate to have to work. although I dearly love my job. Haven't seen the boys for DAYS and it is killing me! Haven't seen Edie's kids either. Put some cute pictures up.

Michael Crosby said...

As much as I like to control are the 1 thing that's truly a crap-shoot.

Each one is so special in their own way and sometimes you just look up and thank God for them.

Can't wait to see your daughter on Easter Sunday!

jenn said...

I love the names you have picked out--they are both very beautiful!

Your post and concerns about Benjamin remind me of a friend whose oldest daughter has Downs. We were talking once and she said that she and her husband are extra lucky because their Hannah has downs. I was somewhat suprised (shocked) I guess! She elaborated that they will always have her at home and although it will be tough at times--she will always need them and they will always have their little girl. My friends dream is to "open" a home for adults with downs--where she and her husband "assist" with living an independent life as possible. i think she has a great dream and I pray it will come true!
I will say a prayer for you too--I hope your pregancy goes well!

Diana said...

I love you so much and all of your wonderful family. I am overwhelmingly excited about the opportunity to love one more beautiful Amick. Even us parents with "normal" children crack under the pressure and snap. (I don't need to say that because you have seen it live.) We are doing the best we can do and that is "the best we can do." I know that this baby boy or girl will be loved so much!! I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a girl for you, but at the same time the world would be happy to accept another handsome Amick man! I am so proud of B and I think his motor skills will surprise you. Ellie has taken five steps in a row this week, but she and B are such great crawlers that it will be hard to venture into the new "slower" method of movement.

Jon and Katie said...

Angela, You are such a great mommy to the two you have! I think you will do wonderful with another! Did you know my name is Katherine Elizabeth? And I have loved my name all my life! I think it is a classy name (not that I am super classy... Guess that's why I go by Katie! :) ) My parents were going to call me Katie Beth, but the Beth got dropped by everyone except a few aunts and uncles who only see me every once in a while.

JILL said...

Here again, your human side shines through and draws me to you even more. I am so honored to be following your wonderful growing family! (still holding out twin hopes for ya, too! 2 girls....)

We only wanted to know the gender of twin, so I got one to plan for and one surprise in the delivery room. The surprise was much more fun learning. I am excited you are not going to find out gender ahead of time!