Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Merging naps

First of all, WOW! What an amazing response to my Google THIS! post. I am in the process of replying to each and every commenter, but seeing as there are over 40, it may take me awhile. So just know I am working on it!! I am loving making new friends and checking out new blogs!

Incidentally, I think my very favorite comment was from Steven Hrpopolis. Yeah, you know who you are. And I laughed for days. LNH!

We went to the doctor this morning for the first prenatal visit for Baby Amick #3! I was 6 weeks, 4 days. There was just one baby (thank goodness), and he/she was only measuring two days late. But he is keeping my original due date of April 3, 2010. I will have a C-section 7-10 days early anyway! There was a nice, strong heartbeat, and everything is going well! I still have had no morning sickness, but I never had any with either boy, so maybe I'll be lucky again!

Okay, onto my original intent for this post.

When Andrew was younger and still took two naps a day, I thought that would last awhile. Why? Because "they" said that toddlers generally didn't drop their morning nap until they were 15 to 18 months old. So when we were at the beach the first week of April, when Andrew was BARELY 12 months old and he started fighting taking two naps, *I* fought it, too. I wasn't ready to let go of that extra time. But by mid-May, when he was 14 1/2 months old, he was for SURE ready to drop that morning nap. Because if he took a morning nap, he would NOT nap in the afternoon. The only problem was actually getting to the afternoon nap. He had been taking it at about 1:30, but now that he was not napping in the morning, he would get tired a lot sooner. It took about a week or so of sleepy lunchtimes until he was ready to nap at about 12:30 or 1:00.

Here is a picture taken on May 15, 2007, at 11:38 a.m.

Of Andrew.

Asleep at lunch.

Fast-forward about 27 months.

Guess who is 15 1/2 months and ready to drop his morning nap? You got it. Here is a picture taken on August 7, 2009, at 11:47 a.m.

Of Benjamin.

Asleep at lunch.

A big yawn

Not really drinking much at all because he's asleep.

Trying to find a comfortable place for his head...

Ahhhhh....found one.

And speaking of food, I thought we were making progress on Andrew's eating habits. Here he is eating a REAL pear. With his hands.

And then we went to Steak N Shake Tuesday night with my parents for a treat. I told him if he did a good job eating he could have a chocolate milkshake. He then proceeded to eat five French fries (their fries are super skinny) and then I made him take a bite of his chicken finger. He had two chicken fingers on his plate. He took one bite. I saw him take the bite, and I told him that was too big of a bite. Sure enough. It stayed in his mouth for the next 20 minutes and he had to spit it out before we left b/c he couldn't/wouldn't swallow it. What is the freakin' deal with this kid????

Needless to say, there was no milkshake. Five tiny fries is not "doing a good job eating."

We did manage to get some cute pictures while we were there, however.

He said, "Yampa, let's hold hands!"

"Namma, you wear Benjamin's hat!"

Let's all say it together...





He is NOT keen on hats. That is why I am holding his arms.

"Mom, really. Could you just stop and let me chew on my straw some more?"

But I'm not a total meany. I took both boys to the playground (which we never do) for a little while and then stopped into the Sonic drive-thru where Andrew and I each got a $1 cherry slush.

He loved it. But it wasn't a milkshake. ;)


Jennifer Talley said...


My 2nd son who is 6 had food texture issues and still does and will only eat certain things, a milkshake being one of them. He can not stand the texture of home-fried potatoes or mashed potatoes but will eat McDonald's fries without an issue. He will not eat hamburgers either, but will eat chicken nuggets...he prefers McD's chicken nuggets to store bought! Sometimes in restaurants, he has to spit outfoos also becuase he gags if he has too much in his mouth. So all that to say this, I am with you!


Jennifer Talley said...

sorry, spit out food! LOL My hands ran away from my brain!

Kara said...

Those sleepy pics are soooo soo cute.

And man, everyone is talking about Sonic lately and I'm dying for some fast food! Yummy!!

Amelia doesn't eat either. It's so frustrating.

Christia said...

Gabe's falling asleep in his high chair these days too! I love your kids!

Astrid said...

I can so relate to the merging nap time issues. That's a challenging time. I'm always praying Jed will fall asleep for a few minutes in the morning on the way to and from somewhere, because that totally helps. But usually, he doesn't :)
Your boys are so cute. I'm so glad you're not nauseous because that is soooo unpleasant when it's hot and humid. Not that its ever pleasant...

Diana said...

I am too struggling with the drop the AM nap battle. When school starts for Emma I imagine she will not have the opporunity to nap....hence no morning nap. Those boys are adorbale and the next time you have a milkshake as a bargaining tool tell Matthew to slip the chicken under the table to me. :).

Adrienne said...

LOL- Ainsley is the same way with eating- especially meat or chicken. One time it took her about 20 min. to eat a bite of her hamburger and she had to spit it out as well because she coudn't swallow it. So annoying!! Cute pics!!