Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's Play Outside!

When I went to Texas last month, it was sweltering. I seriously don't know how people live in 105-degree weather on purpose.

Usually in the summer here, it's hot and humid. But lately, here in the Chattanooga/North Georgia area, the weather has been very nice lately. (Even though I had to reschedule a pool playdate today b/c of bad weather.) It's been 80 to 85 and just really, really nice.

So in the late afternoons, it's perfect to go outside and play. Andrew likes to run around, playing with trucks or his bubble mower. But basically he just wants to talk and talk. And talk.

I usually don't mind. But it's nice when Matthew is here and he can listen. He's been at work all day, talking to adults, so he enjoys the three-year-old blabber.

And I get to sit on the blanket with my sweet little pumpkin. Thankfully, he doesn't like the grass so he pretty much stays to the blanket. I have tried the past two times to bring something to read, but he isn't cool with that. He destroyed my Entertainment Weekly one day and tried to rip the concordance out of my Bible the next.

So next time if I bring some reading material, it will be a board book of the ABCs.

Here are some pictures from our last outing.

*This* close to picking his nose.

Straws are the best toys, and McDonald's straws are the best of the best.

A Family Portrait--All four of the Amicks in one shot

A Ticklefest

Watching Andrew and Daddy head to the backyard, leaving us in virtual silence. (Except for the ruffling pages of my concordance...)

I'm a Boy Mom, through and through. My girlfriends were teasing my last night when I showed my ignorance about girls' clothes. ("Does each dress come with bloomers?") We just laughed. I'll bet those girly moms don't know the difference between a backhoe and an excavator!!

I know I say this all the time, but I love this boy!

Shhhh....don't tell Daddy I let you chew on play with his stopwatch, okay, Baby B?

Last but not least, here is a short video of Benjamin pulling himself up to stand from my stomach (I'm lying down), and then letting go and standing up on the ground for a few seconds. I love the way he pulls his straw out of his mouth once he PLOPS down. [There's not much sound (except my silly "YAAAAAY!" at the end), but you might want to pause the music at the bottom of the page.]


Adrienne said...

The video of B is so cute! The bloomer thing hilarious and no, I have no idea what a the differene between a backhoe and an excavator is! To be honest I don't even really know what they are! Ha! We're in Barbie land over here, poor Bennett.

Christia said...

LOVE that video! We watched it twice. Gabe kept saying WOOOOOOW! :)

Gisela said...

I'm such a boy mom, too! I know all the Thomas trains and Pixar Cars, but I'm completely ignorant with the girly stuff!

And we love Benjamin's video! Nicholas just watched it SEVERAL times and is now asking for Benjamin to come over and play! Ah, the sweet innocence of 3 year olds not quite getting the idea how far PA & GA are!

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

Oh the blabber!!! Sometimes don't you just stop and revel in how fast their brains are moving though!

And I love that boy too! Heck, I love both of those boys and I've never actually met them!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

The weather here has been GREAT!!! I've loved it! Even the rain yesterday wasn't all that bad! Straws DO make the best toys, don't they? Kennedy and Keeghan love them!!

Beverly said...

Yes, it is hot here in Texas. I do not like to go outside unless I have to in the summer. LOL
Love all the photos!

Denise said...

Seriously, that blanket you are sitting on was my bedspread when I was a kid!!! Instantly brought back memories. How funny!! Love the family portrait!!