Saturday, July 18, 2009

How do you ride a bike without using the pedals?

Matthew and I bought bikes a couple of months ago, and Matthew also bought an extension that (easily) attaches to his bike so Andrew can "ride" with him around the neighborhood. We got it at It is called a Wee Ride Co-Pilot Child Trainer. Andrew won't really pedal his bike with training wheels. Or his tricycle/big wheels thing. His feet reach. He just won't pedal.

I had to laugh out loud when I heard my friend Megan describe her son Jack's way of riding his bike. She said he wouldn't pedal either and just "Fred Flinstoned it." That is exactly what Andrew does. I don't know if it's caution or stubbornness or inability. I think a combination of all three.

So we bought this co-pilot. But his legs are just slightly too short and he can't reach the pedal when it's at the bottom of the rotation. But he can still ride. Because the back pedals do not have to be pedaled in order for the wheel to turn.

He and Matthew go on laps around the neighborhood, which is just a half-mile circle. I peek out the window with my eyes squinted when they go by b/c I am afraid that Matthew is going too fast.

He usually is.

But I suppose that is what dads do.

Give the moms a heartattack.

But Andrew loves it and always asks to go "bike riding." I always tell him to be sure to hold on really tightly. And does he ever. He comes home from each ride and shows me his hands which are dented from the grooves in the handlebars.

It's a small price to pay for a fun time with daddy.

Even if they do go too fast.


Beverly said...

I saw that a few weeks ago at Target. We want to get it for Noah maybe next year. He will not peddle either. Looks like your guys are having a blast with it! I would be nervous too.

Denise said...

How fun!!! And your neighborhood is gorgeous!!!