Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Rocking Chair Pictures

When I was pregnant with Andrew, I read an article about a mom who took a picture of her daughter every year, starting at birth (or maybe age one), in the same (adult) bathing suit. Until she was 18. Just to watch the progression.

So I got a similar idea that I would highly recommend to new moms. I decided to take a picture of my children each month during the first year of their lives in the same outfit and in the same chair. The outfit is a 3-month outfit, but thankfully (so far) I have had children that start out kind of big but who don't grow that big. (And, yes, I also have a matching pink one in case we ever get our Katherine Elizabeth.)

First I will show you Andrew's pictures. We lived in our first house during all of these pictures. Matthew and I painted the stripes in Andrew's nursery ourselves. It was super easy and we're not that handy. Seriously. Let me know if you want to know how.

Andrew's Monthly Pictures

One Month Old--April 2006

Two Months Old--May 2006

Three Months Old--June 2006

Four Months Old--July 2006

Five Months Old--August 2006

Six Months Old--September 2006

Seven Months Old--October 2006

Eight Months Old--November 2006

Nine Months Old--December 2006

Ten Months Old--January 2007

Eleven Months Old--February 2007

Twelve Months Old--March 2007

And now to Benjamin's pictures. Let me first say that for many months, I was very sad after doing these pictures. I knew I wanted to do it and I needed to do it. But it made me sad.

They tell you not to compare your children. Even if you have nothing but typically developing children, you're just supposed to take each child for his or her own.

But, come on, we all do it. When you have a child who is developmentally delayed, it is hard. But we still do it.

So every month, I would grow more and more anxious that Benjamin was never going to be able to sit in that chair by himself. It stressed me out that he needed so much assistance. It made my heart hurt that while Andrew could hold himself up in the chair relatively early, it took Benjamin much longer. And I know he has Down syndrome. And I know he had two major surgeries.


But remember, I didn't really start to accept this whole Down syndrome thing until B was about 9 1/2 months old. So everything that was different was just a slap in the face to me. Now, not so much. (Sometimes, but not all the time...) :)

OKAY! Enough blabbing. Here are the pics.

Benjamin's Monthly Pictures

One Month Old--May 2008

Two Months Old--June 2008

Three Months Old--July 2008

Four Months Old--August 2008

Five Months Old--September 2008

Six Months Old--October 2008 (Three weeks and one day after his open-heart surgery!)

Seven Months Old--November 2008

Eight Months Old--December 2008

Nine Months Old--January 2009 (Exactly two weeks after his intestinal surgery.)

Ten Months Old--February 2009

Eleven Months Old--March 2009

Twelve Months Old--April 2009

Sigh. I love it. Hope you enjoyed!


My name is Sarah said...

What a great idea. They sure grew in a year. I love Benjamin's smile in that last picture.

Dawn said...

So dang cute I love that. Both boys are baby dolls.

jenn said...

Mommy A+ to you!! I tried so hard to remember to do this with my kids--it didn't occur to me until 2nd and I fell way short! I am keeping up with my 4th--I put him in a white onesie laying on his crib quilt--but he is only three months--so we will see! Do you scrapbook--those would be perfect for a "Watch Me Grow" layout!

Diana said...

WOW!! How it all gone by that fast? I still remember when Andrew was taking his first steps at BFSG with that spikey hair going every where! Benjamin is one handsome babe himself. He is such a fighter and I can't wait to get to know him better and better!!

Keeley Bug said...

I needed this memo five months ago....what a great idea! Both boys look adorable :)! My fav. is B at 8 months- he looks like he is just chillaxing!

Courtney said...

I love it! I wish I had known about this when Lucy was first born!

ABCDE=Party of 5 for ME! said...

What a GREAT idea! I love love love it~! I'll have to do that with baby E! ALl our kids have their own rockers, i'm sad I didnt read your post a few years ago! hehehe
Love the pics of the boys, and fyi... i think Benjamin is amazing!!!!!

Laurie said...

Love that idea!! I suppose it's a little late to do it now, eh?!!

Great pictures - all of them! : )

Adrienne said...

I love this!

Shannon said...

those are great!! my favorites are andrew at 7 months and benjamin at 8 months. i tried doing that with carter, but i didn't follow through. i have been taking monthly pictures of hadley, but not in the same place.

btw, you are lucky both boys stayed in the outfit for so long... my kids are/were huge babies! hadley is already in 12month stuff!!!

Branton Family said...

My heart is right with yours. But as you told me before, they get it EVENTUALLY! Don't forget how cute our boys are, some days that's all that gets me through. :) Benjamin, you are still Zach's hero, so keep up the good work!

Denise said...

OMG!! so cute....I honestly notice very little difference at all in the two boys. I think B even has more smiles. What I did notice is that the outfit gets much tighter on B than on Andrew....he is bigger? I can't believe that you were able to use the same outfit the whole year!!!

Verna said...

Thanks for sharing. They always grow so fast. Seeing photos monthly just confirms it. They grow up way too fast.
Enjoy them while they are small.

datri said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing. Wish I had thought of doing something like that.

Gina said...

Enjoyed is an understatement!! Both of your little men are beautiful but Benjamin tugs at my heartstrings! I am a speech-language pathologist and my students with Down Syndrome are my secret favorites (sshhhh). Glad I stumbled upon your blog. I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled on your blog and just have to say your Benjamin is precious. I have 2 boys, too. My 4.5 yr old has DS (also had heart surgery), and I have a typical 2.5 yr old. I cannot resist kids w/DS now. I might be an addict. LOL.

Becky said...

First time reader, I found you through MckMama. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your pictures and posts about Benjamin. I have 4 children. My first son has always been a typical firstborn...way ahead of the game and always very sharp. He'll be in 2nd grade this year. However, as we began to get our second son ready for kindergarten next year, the delays that I knew were there, (but don't think I was ready to admit their severity) really began to draw a dividing line. He will likely be in special ed classes this fall. When I was told that he would not be a "good fit" at our other son's private school, it was truly death of a vision. I was not ready for that. For the first time, it made me think about the road ahead and it seemed very daunting. Like you said, we know in our heads not to compare our children, but we all do. Thanks for sharing your journey, both highs and lows. I think it's time for me to do the same, I know others out there may be walking the same road and I need to let them know that they are not alone.

BTW, Benjamin is BEAUTIFUL. What a HUGE grin!!!

sorry so long, that's not usually like me.

Rose Broadway (Rosie) said...

What a sweet and clever idea! You will be so glad you did this. Wish I had thought of it with my three.
Both your boys are cutie pies.

My daughter took a picture of each of hers on the first day of school standing by the front door of their home. So cute to see how they grew during those years. They all four are in their 20s now.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

This is a great idea! I love the pictures.... and Benjamin's smile! I so hope we get to meet you some day... we're so close to each other!

Mom said...

Love seeing how the boys have changed slowly. When you are with them each week, you don't notice the changes. It took months for Andrew and Benjamin to look the way they do now. Such precious boys! Here at the beach and miss all of you very much! Mom

JILL said...

Aww! I love those early months on them both - super serious... followed by months of big ol' grins! Love Benjamin's belly peeking out in that last one! About 4 months old Andrew becomes very recognizable - hindsight viewing and all.

I do the twins in 2 of Lew's oxfords each Father's Day. I gotta get on that for '09!

Thanks for posting both progressions! You are very blessed indeed!

Dana said...

I am glad I stumbled across your blog today. Love the pics! I hate I never did that with my 3 when they were small.

My big brother has DS - he turns 30next month! :)

HomeSpun Threads said...

I've heard of mothers doing it but thought they were super moms...o wait...you really are!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea and what fantastic pictures of your two beautiful boys!