Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not Me! Monday


It's time for another Not Me! Monday! As always, you can go to MckMama's blog to see the rest of the madness. Now that Stellan is home from the hospital, MckMama has promised to start back with her weekly airing of the things we admit we have done, but in a reverse psychology kind of way.

Andrew did not almost sneeze into the bowl I was about to use to make M&M Cake Cookies for a friend who just had a baby.

See? No snot in the batter. :)

I have definitely not let my formal living room get out of control messy with toys. Not me! I always have a spotless house.

And it does not fill my heart with love to see this sweet father/sons time in said messy living room.

Andrew was bright and chipper on Saturday afternoon on the way to Emma's Princess Party b/c he had only gotten 45 minutes of a nap. NOT!

When arriving to said Princess Party, the first thing I did was not to snap a picture of the princess herself right after she'd fallen and hit her head. (You can not click here to go to her mommy's blog for more pics of the event.)

I did not grow frustrated with my son as he chickened out on the bouncy house as it was being blown up, and ran off crying because it scared him. Not me! I am totally okay with the fact that he is afraid of bugs, his tricycle pedals, and bouncy house inflation.

My child was not the last one at the table for the second Little Gym party in a row because he is such a dang slow eater. (And if he were, it certainly would not bother me.)

I did not leave this redunkulously mountaneous pile of laundry for Matthew to fold on Friday night as I left to sleep in at my mom's. And then I did not stay up until 2 a.m. working on Benjamin's first year montage, thus defeating the whole purpose of the evening. (And it was not totally worth it.)

I would never eat my Steamfresh Long Grain White Rice with Mixed Vegetables with chopsticks because they make me feel cool. That would be stupid. (And I would never give up 2/3rd of the way into the bowl and use a spoon b/c I was too impatient and too hungry to continue on with the chopsticks.)

That is not my husband Matthew up on stage at the AWANA end-of-the-year celebration in his attractive, collared Puggles shirt. And that is not my silly son in front of him, showing his certificate to Abigail.

And I did not let him sit on the counter in just his shirt and underwear when he got home and eat a cookie and drink milk when it was already past bedtime just because he asked and I love him so much and I feel like I say no all the time. No, not me!


Alicia said...

Great Not Me's! I love the pics that went along with them! Have a great Monday!

Gisela said...

Great NMM! I love the use of the word redunkulously!

Verna said...

I'm glad your cookies turned out much better then mine.

I'm not a miss Susie homemaker/baker if you don't believe that check out how mine turned out over on my blog.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I let my kids sit on the counter all of the time! You would think I would have learned my lesson years ago after the ER visit following Ben's head-dive off the counter out of his Bumbo. Meh.

Anna said...

And Andrew did NOT step in an ant hill today, NOT making him afraid of those along with aforementioned items. :)

Paula said...

..and I did NOT return Andrew to you with his legs all scratched up from climbing the big hill when his Yampa was NOT waching carefully! They always go up there but he just forgot to take Yampa with him. He never cried so we didn't notice it. He would rather be brave and get to stay outside and play. Love, Mom