Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I fought the stairs, and the stairs won were cursing Wordless Wednesday yesterday b/c you wanted to know what in the world happened to my foot, eh? Yeah, see? I told you it's hard to do without words! But some of you found out through Facebook, or email, or that other communication device...what's it called? Oh yeah, the telephone.

Anyway, the story isn't nearly as impressive as the picture. Tuesday, right before Benjamin's morning nap, I figured I'd go ahead and carry the boys' laundry baskets (full of clean, folded clothes) upstairs to sit upstairs instead of downstairs and wait for the Laundry Fairy to put them away. On my way up the 16 wooden stairs, I noticed that Nancy (one of our cats) was playing with a napkin underneath the end table. I stopped and asked Andrew if he would pick it up and put it in the trash. I turned back around and started to go up the stairs. And it was just one of those deals where you can't see your feet and your feet move faster than your brain (or the other way around), and I tripped up a couple of stairs. Well, my toes (strangely my 2nd toe, which, yes, is almost as long as my pinky finger, thank you very much, and my pinky toe seemed to bear the brunt of the force for some reason) came down the wrong way on the edge of the stairs...........and the pain set in......... Oh my goodness. It. Hurt. Oh, also, my arm (the inside of my right arm) came down on the banister, and it hurts worse than my toes.

I was in shocking pain for the better part of five minutes. My whole foot and all my toes were just tingling. I really thought I might throw up on the stairs, and my head was spinning. I had to sit down for a minute or two.

Andrew came to the foot of the stairs and asked me what was wrong. When I told him that I hurt my foot, he immediately started toward me, saying, "Okay, well, let me come and kiss it." What a cutie. (I declined.)

The worst part was that I still had to carry the laundry baskets upstairs, and then I had to go get Benjamin and carry him upstairs to put him down for his nap. Oh. The. Pain.

After a little bit of time (and a lot of desperate "Please help this pain to stop" prayers), the tingling subsided. By bedtime, the bruising was quite impressive, so I was naturally taking pictures of it for my blog. Because that's how I roll.

Many of you have commented that you think the toes are broken. But honestly, they don't really hurt all that much. I am able to touch them and even bend them, and there really isn't that much pain. So either they're fine and just a little bruised or they're going to fall off in the next day or so. Either way there's not much I can do about it now. Except have a good excuse to stay off the treadmill.

Tonight is my third Weight Watchers weigh-in. And despite eating crab cakes and tortilla chips on my birthday last Saturday, I think I will still lose more than the 0.8 pound last week. If not, I can always go back and weigh after my toes fall off. That outta be at least half a pound.

Okay. Here are some pictures.

I'm not really sure about this one. I'm confused and appalled and yet can't stop saying GURL FRENZ. I took this picture of my TV last night on our local cable access station. The name of the show is Gurl Frenz. Say it three times fast. And then you can instantly feel yourself getting smarter because you did not sign off on this stupid show name. I mean, I get it...but it is stupid. There are no such things as Gurls or Frenz. Hence, stupidity.

Just a quick advertisement for my friend Diana, who did not ask me to do this. She recently bought an embroidery machine and is making the cutest things. Check out this monogrammed pacifier clip she made for Benjamin. (Please pardon my horrible cuticles.) If you are interested in purchasing any, go to her blog. This clip sells for $20 at a local boutique, and hers is only $10. (Pacifier not included.)

As predicted, I totally dominated on my birthday when we played Seinfeld Scene It. My brother Justin gave me a run for my money, but I prevailed with my knowledge of mangos (also correct is mangoes, in case you were wondering), the doorman, and the fact that Jeremy Piven and Marcia Cross guest-starred once. (My cousin Philip who is acting crazy in the background gets married in less than two months!)

My three boys right before church on Sunday. B's shoes stayed on all of ten minutes. Why do we put shoes on kids who can't even crawl?

All you moms out there can attest; it is darn near impossible to get a picture of you and two (or more ) kids where you're all looking at the camera, much less smiling.

Since starting WW, I have been cooking more, and it has been healthy. There are a lot of great WW recipes online, and I have finally started to use my slow cooker! Check out this site if you're so inclined: (I didn't get all these from that site, so if you want a specific one, email me or leave a comment and I'll try to get it to you. I think I have them all saved in a Word document.)
Turkey Stuffed Peppers (Only I used lean ground beef b/c they were the same points and the same price. Have you seen lean turkey? It looks naaaaasty.)

Ham & Potatoes au Gratin--Yummy. I have made this twice.

Chicken and dumplings--It was a little salty, but that was probably my fault.

Chicken salad

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken--I made this last night and served it over rice (extra points). Matthew had some tortilla chips on the side. It was super good!

That's all for now. I will let you know how the weigh-in goes tonight!! :)


Gisela said...

Oh, that Crock Pot Santa Fe chicken looks SO delicious!!! I'd love if you shared the recipe!

And I hope your toes recover soon!

Lora Leigh said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who cooks with their laptop on the counter :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, but I LOVE IT. I think you are sooooooo funny, and I think you have two beautiful little boys. Oh, and I think I saw Matthew at a UTC basketball game last week. (I say "think" because I was up in the gold circle section, and he was on the floor section). I took a picture (several actually) but could never get more than the back of his head because he kept turning around every time I snapped the picture. I'm sure if he had known that I was trying to take his picture, he would have stood still. Anywhoo...I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. Good luck at WW tonight.

Wendy C.

Anonymous said...

Crap, the BZ monster followed me to your blog.

Food looks yummy. Ground turkey is far superior to ground beef.

Did you ever get my special-delivery of a new sweetener for you to try?

Amber said...

I'm glad you asked me to come here - didn't know you had updated! Great job on the cooking. I can't even time eating right with my two. I generally give up and toss my meal in the trash.

Diana said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Thanks for the props!!! I am sure you will do great a weight watchers tonight. I am finding all the weight you are losing. I am going to have to give up peanut butter again to get things rolling in the right direction. I did mow yesterday so that helps. Miss you!! Love my nice photography work with the group shot!

Marci said...

I'm a friend of Heatherty Featherty and have checked out your adorable blog recently. It is totally enjoyable to read! I will be back! (Is that a threat or a promise...!!!)

Beverly said...

Hope your foot is feeling better soon.

becky bell said...

Sorry about your fall. Not fun! Ok, I want the recipe for the potato ham au grain. I didn't find it on the blog. I am trying to loose some lbs and picking back up on WW. Congrats on you lbs lost so far!

kathy said...

There are some great recipes on and she has a great cookbook too. sign up for her daily emails and you will get a lot of great tips, recipes, and new foods that are out. there is another website that I like it is check it out. I have lost 68 pounds on weight watchers in the past year and i have less than 15 to go! love your blog!
(A friend of your Aunt Eunice)

Scubae02 said...

Glad your toes stopped tingling....So, when can Gary and I come over and eat. He doesn't get home cooked meals that often....

Anonymous said...

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