Friday, December 26, 2008

The Three Days of Christmas

What a whirlwind! I'm a little Christmased out and ready to take down all the decorations! Unfortunately, I'm too tired and will attempt to tackle it tomorrow. For now, I'll share a LOT of pictures of the Crosby Family Three Days of Christmas.

December 23 (Fondly referred to as "Christmas Eve Eve.")

We went to my Uncle Philip and Aunt Judy's house for a traditional Christmas meal and to open presents. These people were in attendance: Grandpa Crosby, Grandma Crosby, Elizabeth, Uncle Philip, Aunt Judy, Casandra, Philip, Marianne, Dad, Mom, Michael, Edie, Justin, Matthew, Andrew, Benjamin, and me.

We were at the kiddie table. My mom was sitting there with us but wimped out b/c we were right by the fire place.

I really just posted this one to show you how blurry it is. My camera was dying. Most of the better shots on the first two days of Christmas were taken with my mom's camera. She just learned how to email pictures, so I have been enjoying adding them to my files. Especially when Justin gets ahold of the camera...

My precious baby, who turned eight months old on Christmas Eve.

Look what Andrew got from my grandparents! A police motorcycle. He didn't quite know what to think. Even still, at home, he tends to just scoot around because pushing the pedal "is kind of scary."

December 24--Christmas Eve

We opened presents at my parents' house in the evening after my dad got off work. Well, my boys opened their presents and then went to bed. That left just us silly adults: Dad, Mom, Michael, Edie, Justin, Matthew, and me.

Benjamin only really stands up like this for a few seconds, and always with assistance. Matthew likes to live dangerously. Stay tuned...

Curious George got a big smooch right before bed.

He isn't quite sure how to do this either, but at least it's not scary.

My parents' tree has very few ornaments on it. Mom never really got around to it.

Some things are just too funny. And shouldn't be said if someone is drinking coffee. Don't ask. You had to be there.

Matthew was stylin' and profilin' in his new running clothes. All he needs now is a ski mask and he's ready to rob a bank.

Justin loved his gift.

I didn't take a picture of it, but I got a new digital camera for Christmas!! YAY! It is a Sony (my fave) and it's red. I. Love. It.

December 25--Christmas Day

We opened presents at our own house and then went over to mom's to put the boys down for their naps. Then we all opened our stockings from Mom and Dad. (Dad had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we kind of had to do things in the afternoons.) Edie's kids (Abbie, Ashlyn, and Davis) got there at about 4:00 and enjoyed opening their presents, too!

The tree at our house on Christmas morning

Andrew's kitchen that Santa brought. Well, actually Edie brought it b/c it used to be Ashlyn's. They had to make room for baby Jack's furniture.


You know you're opening Christmas presents with a baby when you have to stop and clean up spit-up.

Benjamin enjoyed all the commotion but was up at 6:30 that morning, so he was ready for a nap by 9:00.

Andrew got some new number and ABC flashcards. He loved them and wanted to play with them immediately. What a nerd. :)

My Aunt Kathy sent these in the summer and I saved them for Christmas.

Andrew enjoyed helping Benjamin open his presents.

Andrew had to pause during the gifts to take care of some business.

Here we are over at Mom's house. Notice my Christmas get-up includes no makeup and wet hair. :)

Matthew took a quick snooze in front of the TV.

Benjamin and Aunt Eunice

Uncle Michael trying to show Andrew how to ride his bike.

Elmo bath bubbles!

I am married to a daredevil. Matthew said, "I'm going to let go of him really quickly and make it look like he's standing." So I snapped the picture right before Benjamin fell. Thankfully, he just fell backwards into Matthew's hands. But still.

Here's Matthew's attempt to take another nap.

Time-out for tickling.

Trying to sleep again.

Whatcha talkin' bout, Willis?

Loving the Christmas tree

Check out my impersonation of a corpse. And a frump. LOL

Andrew loves his uncles!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!


JaybirdNWA said...

Benjamin really looks good in those pictures. He really looks strong. Andrew looks as though he had a good time also.

Diana said...

Looks like Christmas was a hit! Emma will be happy to give out free tricycle riding lessons! :). I can't wait for a playdate- toy show off session!

Anonymous said...

How much did I love looking through those and feeling like I got to really share in your Christmas. How incredibly special is that? Pretty darn. The boys are so handsome. I love the pose your dh has in that shot with the trainers. How funny. I am so glad that you had a great Christmas. You guys sooooo deserve it. You're such an awesome family.

Marsha said...

I love reading your blog! Thank you for sharing and for being so darn funny!

Anonymous said...

OMG, could Benjamin get any cuter? I want my babies to be small enough to fit in stripe footie jammies!!! :(

Sigh, what have you guys done to Andrew to make him scared of pedaling his motorcycle? Seriously. You have gotta buy that kid a skate ramp, throw off the sweater-vest and let him go crazy. :P

Merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...

Awesome about the camera!!! Also, I want to come tickle Benjamin.
Love all the new pictures. I am just getting catched up from holiday chaos. Can't wait to have my 10 hours/a day blog time back. Just kidding... I think. :)
love you!

Stephanie said...

getting 'catched' up? Getting CAUGHT up! Can't believe I put an error in my comment on YOUR blog!! Miss English! Please tell me when I have typos on my blog posts so people won't think I am dumb.

Mary Jo said...

LOL about Andrew not wanting to pedal because "it is scary." Sounds like something Jack would say... "too high, too loud, too big!" And B looks just as adorable as ever!

Beverly said...

You have such a beautiful family! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! Blessings, Beverly

Branton Family said...

Our boys could not be more alike. Zach loves to pinch faces and could not get enough of pulling the Christmas tree branches. . .with his feet in the air! I am impressed with Benjamin's strength. Zach is no where near putting weight on his legs. Way to go, buddy! :) So glad you all had a great Christmas! Amy