Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tag, you're it!

I met Lisa a couple of years ago online. She is a fun-loving momma of two beautiful kids. They live in San Diego. Lisa is a runner, and Matthew and I loved reading all about her first marathon! I especially loved the pictures. Sadly, Matthew did his first marathon all alone, and so there is nothing but a "I-just-walked-in-the-door-and-I'm-sweaty" picture from his.

Anyway, Lisa just "tagged" me on her blog, and so now it's my turn! I am supposed to write six things that make me happy. I think I needed this today. :)

1. A clean kitchen table

2. Food, especially cheese

3. My DVR

4. Christmas lights

5. My Toyota Sienna

6. Being silly with Andrew (I love this age! There are no terrible twos at my house...yet!)

So now I am supposed to tag six friends to do this on their blogs. I am tagging:

1. Heather -- Heather is a wonderful mom of two darling boys. She is one of the most giving people I know. Plus she's real. I like that. And she's funny.

2. Sara -- Sara is cool. She is an attorney in California and has two precious kids. I like Sara b/c she's a true friend and she does not mince words.

3. Leslie -- I think Leslie is the only person I have "met" online before meeting her in real life. She and her husband go to our church and got involved in our Sunday School class while I was on hiatus after B's surgery. She is super sweet and I love hearing about how God is working in her life.

4. Diana -- What can I say about Diana? I love this girl! She and I met when my Andrew and her Emma were just babies at BFSG. Once our babies weren't nursing anymore, several of us would meet up for playdates. She now has a new baby (Ellie) and we often commiserate on life together. She's so fun. In some ways, we're complete opposites: She hates to stay home and is always gone. She is young. What, 24? UGH! But our commonalities keep us friends.

5. Shari -- Shari is my lactation consultant. She has been with me through many things. The torture of an unwilling and fussy breastfeeder the first several months of Andrew's life. The scariness of those first few hours of finding out that Benjamin has Down syndrome. She is great at what she does, she's a super mom, and I just love her. I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

6. Jay -- I "met" Jay several months ago on a Down syndrome parenting board. He is a physical therapist assistant who is currently a stay-at-home-dad. His wife is a pediatrician. In July, she gave birth to John, who has Down syndrome. John is their fifth child. Jay is a very involved dad and John is so lucky to have been born into this family!

Okay, fellow bloggers, your assignment is to list six things that make you happy, and then tag six people to do the same.



lesliemarie said...

Thanks Angela...I'm honored for you to say those things about me. :) I'll get to posting in the next few days...tonight I really should go to bed!

The Hicks said...

You totally made my day! You and your family have given me so much more than I could have ever given you. The PEACE OF GOD that you and Matthew displayed after your being told about Benjamin being special is something that I will never forget. You are a great mom, and I am blessed to have you and your sweet family in my life. Still...I can't believe they pay me for this!

Diana said...

I am in awww! I can't wait to write my special tag post. We are so different yet so alike. :)... There are three things we both love good food, good family, and great friends. I am not sure I can pick six bloggers to tag back b/c I am still such a newbie.