Thursday, November 6, 2008


I took the boys to my mom's school today for Santa pictures. It's not really all that early for them, seeing as there are only about six weeks left before the kiddos are out of school for the holidays, and the pictures have to be developed and distributed before then.

While Santa was getting ready, my mom and the boys helped the photographer adjust the light and take some practice shots. Naturally, I was right there with my camera! The photographer's two sons are former students of the school, and I watched them both for years when I worked in the afterschool program.

Andrew, Namma, and Benjamin

And here are Andrew, Santa, and Benjamin. When Santa asked Andrew what he wanted for Christmas, he replied, "A police car!" And Benjamin added, "And a new wardrobe for Mommy!"

Here is our secret of how we got Andrew to smile. There was a big Clifford ("Cwifode") stuffed animal on one of the library shelves. So after the pictures, we had to hold him and pet him. Here is Andrew "showing" him to Benjamin.

While waiting for the first class of kids to come (after our pictures were finished), Santa invited Andrew to come back and talk with him, but Andrew was too shy. And, hey, he'd already made his request.... :)

Well, I need to go get ready to drive both boys downtown to Children's so Benjamin can get his synagis shot. This shot will help protect him from RSV and other dangerous respiratory illnesses. He's especially susceptible b/c of the pneumatacele (air pocket) they found in his lung during his surgery. He will get one shot every month for five months. I woke Andrew up early today and put him down for a nap early b/c I'll have to wake him up to go. Unfortunately, Benjamin must've been too keyed up from Ole Saint Nick b/c he has not napped this afternoon. At least he'll be sure to snooze in the car.

We go to the cardiologist (locally) tomorrow. And then Matthew's marathon is this Saturday! Please pray for him b/c he seems to be coming down with something in his throat and chest. It would just be horrible if he got too sick to run this marathon that he's prepared for all these months.


Grace said...

Those turned out great Angela! I especially love the picture of Benjamin looking up at Santa.

*Hope you get that new wardrobe :)

Diana said...

I will be praying for Matthew. My fav shot is the one with B checking out the fat man :)

Christia said...

Oh I love the Santa pictures! And how precious are the ones of the boys with your mom!!

I'm glad Benjamin was approved for the shot! Yay!! (Though shots aren't fun)

And I will pray Matthew will be healthy enough for the marathon! I'm so proud of him!

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

What a thoughtful kiddo Andrew is to think of you in his Christmas wishes! =) What Mommy wouldn't love that! The pics look great and I'm so glad that Benjamin was approved for the shot too. What a blessing! Lots of luck to Matthew in his marathon! I'm currently training for a half in January.

JaybirdNWA said...

And the hectic times of the holiday season begins. Those are good pictures. It looks like Benjamin is continueing to do well. I hope he gets a good report from the Cardiologist.

Stacie said...

wonderful pictures Angela! Leah refused santa last year, I hope she has a change of heart this year!