Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick update

Okay, I'm tired and will be brief. Don't think it can happen? Watch me.

Cardiology appt went very well. He's doing just fine! We love Dr. Herold!

He did get to get rid of some medicines, which was WONDERFUL news!

Of his three medicines, the Digoxin is GONE! The Lasix went from twice a day to once a day, which is great b/c this is the one that makes him pee a lot. The Enalapril stays the same, which is kind of a pain b/c it has to be refrigerated. But it's cherry flavored so it's no biggie.

No pictures. No witty banter. Don't mess with a tired mom and her sleep.

Oh, one more thing (naturally). Matthew runs his marathon at 7:30 in the morning!!!! He is mainly better; he just has a little chest congestion but is fine. I won't be able to go down there at all because, well, I have two boys to watch. But he is *super* excited and has been asleep since about 10:15.



JaybirdNWA said...

Glad to hear that Benjamin is doing well and getting rid of some of the medications.

j said...

YAY! that is so awesome Angela that he got such a wonderful report and that he gets to eliminate some meds(or cut back at least), for you-get you some good rest girl, and for Matthew, GL, I hope that his chest congestion is much better QUICK, and I hope that he does great, are you kidding, we all know that he will!!! :)
thanks for the update.
take care sweetie!
give the boys some x-tra kisses just from my fam!