Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did you miss me?

Hello, faithful blog readers! Sorry about the temporary hiatus. To be honest, my 100th post took me SO long to do, I wanted to leave it up long enough to be read! Plus, it's been kind of busy around here. All good things, though, thankfully! Here's a recap:
  • We took Benjamin to the cardiologist on Monday for a post-op exam. (This was his local doctor, Dr. Herold.) Benjamin weighed 13lbs, 2 oz. The echo showed that the squeeze on his left side (a concern post-op) still isn't at the optimal level, so he is still on all his medicines. (ARG!) There is still a chance it could improve, but it just needs more time.
  • Dr. Herold was a little concerned about the large pneumatacele in his right lung that the heart surgeon discovered during surgery. It was evidently very visible on the x-ray on Monday but Dr. Herold had never seen it before. (I think B's last chest x-ray at Dr. H's office was in July or August.) The pneumatacele is that air bubble that has formed in his lung. It puts him at a greater risk for respiratory infections; he is already at a high risk because of his Down syndrome. Because of this, he is being referred to get synagis shots. This is a series of shots given to at-risk babies (preemies and/or heart babies) once a month from October through March to help prevent illnesses such as RSV. We are praying that he gets approved by insurance b/c they are *very* expensive. If he hadn't had his surgery yet, he'd be approved immediately, but we're hoping the presence of the pneuamatacele will get him approved quickly. He will have to go to a clinic at Children's to get these shots.
  • Sigh. Benjamin's poor wrist (where they had to cut to get veins during his surgery) was not closed with enough stitches and is NOT healing well. So they removed the stitches and we're supposed to leave it open and put Bactraban on it. It is going to leave a nasty scar. Poor baby.
  • We go to the pediatrician on Monday for Benjamin's six-month well visit. I am bringing Andrew so both boys can get flu shots. (My dad is coming along to take Andrew back to his house after he gets his shot b/c Benjamin and I will be there awhile.) Benjamin, along with his normal vaccines and his flu shot, also has to have his thyroid and hearing checked. The former involves giving blood. Ugh!!! This is the WORST! Down syndrome babies have such thin veins. There is only one RN at our pediatrician's office; the doctor told me that if the RN can't get a successful blood draw from B on the first try, then she will send me to Children's downtown to have the lab do it. I am *really* hoping I don't have to do that! But at least if I do, my dad will have Andrew. Oh, Monday will be a doozy of a day I can tell already.
  • We go back to Vanderbilt on Monday, November 3, to meet with the surgeon again. I already know I'm going to be totally nostalgic! Did I mention PIZZA???!?!?!?!?
  • On Friday, November 7, we go back to see Dr. Herold. My prayer is that B's heart function has improved and we can start weaning him off his medicines.
  • Benjamin will be six months old this Friday. YAY! Happy 1/2 birthday! I suppose I should go get some baby food soon; he's never had anything but breastmilk. Ummm...yeah. And lots and lots of medicines. Oh, and gas drops. Gotta love those!
  • Matthew is still training for his first marathon. He runs the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon on Saturday, November 8. He's so excited, and I'm so impressed! :)

For more updates through pictures, see below:

OH MY GOODNESS--THE FOOD!!!!!!! We have been SO blessed with many friends who have been bringing or sending meals to us. Wow. It has been so, so wonderful. I don't think I've cooked once because we have had so much. This one in particular was so pretty (and yummy) I had to take a picture. Thanks, Mary Anna! (She gets a special shout-out for also bringing a six-pack of bottled Dr. Peppers!! She said she knew I'd like them because she reads the blog. YAY!)

On Saturday, October 18, Matthew took Andrew to the Imagination Station playground for his friend Evan's second birthday party. Poor Evan, his birthday was like a month ago and his party had to be postponed b/c he got sick! Anway, here are some of the kids eating pizza. You can see the infamous Emma (pigtails blowing in the wind) and her sister Ellie (in pink in the Baby Bjorn) on the left. Diana, I just noticed you were wearing flip flops in the cold! LOL

Look at this fantastic Thomas cake from Publix!!

Speaking of cake, notice in this picture, Andrew is eating vanilla cake and there are scads of people at and around the table.

And here, Andrew is eating chocolate cake and everyone else has moved on. This boy LOVES his cake!

The Thomas pinata was a big "hit"! But according to Matthew, the even bigger hit (even more so than the candy that came out of the pinata) was the ribbon that was hanging from Thomas. (Notice in the picture below, Andrew is holding onto said ribbon.) Those pieces of ribbon were carried all over the playground and even brought home, where they had to go in the trash when he wasn't looking. (Our male cat Frank likes to eat ribbons and they are not so kind on his tummy.)

Matthew (who took wonderful pictures at the party, don't you think??), Andrew, and Frank. The first two are ready for church.


LOOK what Benjamin got in the mail today!!! A really cool personalized t-shirt from my friend Amber. Here is the back of the shirt.....

AND THE FRONT!!! How cute is that?!?!?!?!?! Thanks, Amber! I love it!!

Okay, must go. We leave in about an hour to go to Emma's Halloween party. Later I'll post pics of last year's party and this year's party. It is so cool to have kids Andrew's age for him to grow up with. The comparison pics are so great!
OH! Most of you know by now, but Susan finally guilted me into joining Facebook. Just kidding, Suse, I love ya, and now I'm hopelessly addicted to FB. So if you have an account and just can't get enough of my mindless dribble over here, feel free to ask for an add! If you don't know what that means, then you probably don't have a FB account. :) My name on there is Angela Crosby Amick. If you don't think I'll recognize your name, just add a brief note of how I know you!
Have a great day!


lots_of_love_four_kids said...

I DID miss you! Great 100th post too by the way! I just went and requested your friendship on facebook! too funny! Thanks for the updates on Benjamin. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers! Have a great time at the Halloween party!

Amber said...

Saaaaaaweeeeeeeet. I made the blog! LOL, thanks for posting a pic, I wanted to see how it turned out! Someday I will be able to get Andrew his "#1" tee shirt, but I wanted to get Benjamin his now :) Besides, I will have to come up with something else to put on Andrew's.

You ARE verbose, girl, if nothing else. I skimmed. I'll have to read the rest at home. (Kids are gone...why am I here???)

Amber said...

The BZ monster followed me here. I just posted again and got an ERROR!! SHOOT! That's what I get for commenting twice.

Sigh...will reiterate later.

Momma M said...

Hello! ::waving:: I've been following your journey and finally thought to say "hi". Our kiddos are so close in age (Audrey 01/05/06 and Stella 04/01/08, 47 chromos). :-) Looked you up on FB (also an addict) but couldn't find you!!

Sara said...

Facebook is lame, but your blog rocks my world. I read the whole 100th post the first day and have to wait patiently for 101. Glad you delivered. :)

A side note, I don't think they will give vaccines and flu shots within 2 weeks of each other. You better check before you plan.


JaybirdNWA said...

It is good to see you back. I thought that your 100th post might have given you writers cramp. We just recently gave all of our kids the flu shot/mist. This year our insurance covered the flu mist so you might check your insurance for coverage for that. The flu mist covers more. Also, sorry to hear about his wrist battle scar. We have had good results with Vitamin E cream to decrease raised scarring.

Cooper and Griffie's Momma said...

Angela, you are the only person I know who photographs their food to post on their blog, and I love you for that!

Christina said...

WOW! You have got soo much going on! I thought i was busy! I am praying for all those things for little Benjamin. I pray that insurace approves those shots and that the concern with his heart heals up quickly with no further need for surgery.

I love taking pictures of food too! that is so funny...Do you drink regular or Diet Dr. Pepper? I am addicted to Diet!!!