Sunday, September 7, 2008

More pictures, anyone?

We don't really have much of an update but lots of cute new pictures. Plus a really cute video of my sweet baby.

Who *knows* what was being said here...

At least it ended with a kiss!

My father has this funny habit of putting his eyeglasses on my sons' faces to see how they look. Here is Andrew at just over a month old.

And here is Benjamin at just over four months old.

And, of course, we can't leave anyone out! LOL

Yampa and the boys.

Tummy time, anyone?

Most of my sons' time together ends with a kiss. :)

How in the *world* did he get from Point A to Point B? This was in just a few minutes. Go, Benjamin, go!!

Point A

Point B (Notice how Nancy has also changed positions in the background!)

My sweet, sweet baby. He really is precious. Mostly a very happy baby. Much different from Andrew, who wasn't necessarily unhappy, just kind of...pensive. :)

*You'll have to pause the music on my playlist (alllll the way at the bottom of the page) in order to hear this. Sorry that you have to endure my voice. I'm sure I sound much more southern than I realize. (And much more like my mother than I'm ready to admit..) :)


Anonymous said...

go benjamin go! your boys are so sweet!

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, & Sebastian said...

I love it when Seb holds his feet like that! It's just the sweetest! Looks like your boys get along beautifully!!!! So, so sweet!

Diana said...

Look at that big man!

jqanders said...

Angela, your babies are precious, and you sound like such a happy mom. Jackie

Christia said...

Benjamin is absolutely adorable! I seriously love that kid and think about him often! Gabriel JUST started grabbing his feet last week, and he's 2 months older than Benjamin! Benjamin looks like he's doing fabulous!!! Such a sweet boy!

Stephanie said...

love all the sweet pictures and the video!!!

Lindsey (BZ) said...

Your boys are getting so big. I love those pictures of Andrew kissing him. Such a good big brother. Benjamin is adorable. And apparently getting to be quite the mover :)