Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hold on to your hat...lots of pics ahead

Whew! What a weekend. The four of us went to Crossville, TN, to Cumberland Mountain State Park with my mom ("Namma") and younger brother Justin for the weekend. My older brother Michael his wife (Edie) and kids (Abbie, Ashlyn, Davis) came up on Saturday. We stayed in rustic cabins, which pretty much means you don't really want to walk barefoot on the floors. :) Andrew's favorite part was digging in the dirt. He also liked bathing in the kitchen sink.

All the pictures are pretty self-explanatory except three. The one of Matthew climbing in our kitchen window was the second time we'd locked the key in the cabin. The first time, I did it as we were on our way to lunch. We went to the office and got another one. This was the second time. Matthew did it. Benjamin was inside by himself in the pack-n-play, screaming b/c he didn't want to nap. The office was closed and Justin and Mom (who last had our extra key) couldn't find the other key. So when Edie realized the kitchen window was open, Matthew took matters into his own hands.

There is another picture of Andrew WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY high on a swing. Way higher than any 2 1/2 year old who has NEVER swung on a real (non-baby-bucket) swing should ever be allowed to swing unassisted. Take a guess who was with him? Yup...Daddy. That man is going to give me a heartattack!!

And the third picture that may need a little explaining is the one of Justin and me on the couch. We were just being a little silly and Mom grabbed the camera. :)

Enjoy. We sure did. :)

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