Saturday, August 9, 2008

Photo Friday on a Saturday

Here is our week in pictures. Well, okay, truthfully, our week in pictures would really be a picture of Benjamin's nasty cradle cap and the vacuum cleaner since the floors never stay clean. But we managed to have a little fun, too. Hope you enjoy. :)

Not really sure what is up with this facial expression; I just wanted to show off his cute shirt from my friend Stephanie. It says, "I'm bigger than my little brother." :)

Nothing says 'fun' like goofing off in the Cracker Barrel giftshop with merchandise we don't plan to buy.

Case in point. Here are two of my favorite pictures from the mid- to late-90s on the way to the OBX with the cousins. (Side note. If you happen to see that thinner version of me somewhere, tell her to come back; I MISS HER!)

This one (L to R) is me, Philip, Casandra, and Marianne (the siblings I never had).

This one (L to R) is Justin, Marianne, me, Philip, and Casandra. (One of the siblings I do have plus those others.)

Okay. Back to the present. Here are two funny shots of Andrew on the way home from Cracker Barrel. He's a mess. :)

Two brothers, just hanging out in the living room. Andrew actually addressed Benjamin right before this picture. He went right up to him and said, "Benjamin, did you and Mommy go to church?"

Just in case you were worried...emergency personnel is ready to assist you at any time.

We hope to hear from the surgeons at Vanderbilt sometime this week about Benjamin's open-heart surgery date. Keep us in your prayers!!

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Grace said...

I love me some Cracker Barrel. Can you imagine the damage the two of us could do at that place Angela? lol!