Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cardiologist appt today

This will be brief. (Well, as brief as I ever am...) I am tired b/c I have faithfully gotten up at 5:30 the past two mornings to exercise. (Okay...a bit of a lie. It was actually 5:39. I don't know why, but I *have* to hit the snooze at least once or I feel extra tired. But that has set me back a bit, so tonight I am going to set the alarm for 5:21.)

Anyway, we went to see Dr. Herold today. Benjamin weighed exactly 11 pounds and was 23 1/4 inches long. His heart still looks about the same, which is pretty good. I can't update you exactly on what the issues are b/c despite my master's degree and fairly decent intelligence, I suffer from Mommy Brain and can't really grasp all that is said at these appointments about pulmonary pressure, shunting, and heart defects. I want Matthew to explain it to me when I've had a bit more sleep. (So basically never.)

Suffice it to say that we have another appointment in three weeks, which will just be another check up. Three to four weeks after that (which will be August 19th or 26th), we will go back again. (Benjamin turns four months old on August 24th.) At this appt, it will be extensive with more x-rays, measurements, and ultrasounds of his heart (which Dr. Herold always calls "pictures," which we think is cute). All of this information will then be sent to Vanderbilt. The surgeons there will review the packet and contact us for a date. It could be as early as two weeks after that, which would be early September. (Which kind of stinks b/c my cousin Carol is getting married in VA on September 13.) BUT we really want this done as soon as we can.

Dr. Herold said that b/c Benjamin is gaining well and the pressure in his heart (or lungs...I can't remember) hasn't dropped yet (normalized...) that it might be better to do the surgery sooner (closer to four months) as opposed to later (near six months) b/c if we wait for the pressure to drop (again...not quite sure what this means, LOL), then the surgery might be more complex b/c then we'd be dealing with more issues. BUT if they do it sooner rather than later, they might only repair his larger hole (his VSD) and leave the smaller one (the ASD) so that there is a release for all the extra pressure. The good thing about that is that the ASD could possibly close on its own, and if it didn't, it could be closed non-surgically (with a catheter) when Benjamin is five or six years old. Naturally, we'd rather have both defects fixed, but if it means a less-complicated surgery (with less chances of complications), then that might be better.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to lift us up in prayer. I find that I feel so much closer to God when I think of the connection I have to His people. I thank Him so much for all of you.

Oh, I don't think I can post without adding a picture. So, even though it is late, here are pictures of us at the cardiologist's office today. Poor guy was sleeping so soundly (it was naptime after all). Then we had to pull him out of the carseat and strip him down to his diaper so that he could have a chest x-ray, have his oxygen taken, and his blood pressure taken (that was a tough one b/c he wouldn't stay still until his daddy cuddled him in his strong arms). Then the diaper was removed for him to be weighed. (They never let me remove any clothing when I get weighed at the doctor's. I suppose that's a good thing, but it just doesn't seem fair....)

ARG!! It won't let me post my pics. I'll try again tomorrow. Just know that we are cute. ;)
*Edited to add pictures!!*


Stephanie said...

I am so sorry that you have to deal with this new world, Angela. You are a strong, intelligent, loving, radiant mom that is just PLAIN AMAZING. I am going to be praying for him. He is so cute!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad he has you two to pour out love on him every doctor's appt and every step of his life.
I am REALLY glad you are blogging!!
Keep it up.
By the way, I thought of you today as I was cleaning bird poop off my crappy front door. YUCK.

Amber said...

He is perfect, Angela! And you sound in high spirits as well.
It's so tempting to think the doctors are wrong... certainly a cute little butterball like Benjamin can't possibly have a thing wrong with his heart! I just know he's going to do so well with his surgery. I'm so glad you are confident you found the right doctor. It makes all the difference in the world. Hugs and prayers.

Anonymous said...

HI! Thanks for updating the blog. I love keeping up on your life and seeing all the pictures. Benjamin is so cute! I really liked the one where Andrew and Benjamin had similar outfits.

I am going to call you tonight to catch up. Bo and I interviewing for jobs in KS and CO so I wanted to update you. I hope to talk to you soon.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

He is so GORGEOUS! I am glad that he is gaininng well and that the doctor is taking such wonderful care of that beautiful boy!