Sunday, June 22, 2008

Please Pray

Okay, now I’m freaking out. And it may be over nothing, but something in my mommy gut tells me this is more than nothing.

For several weeks now, I’ve noticed that Benjamin sometimes jerks his leg(s), especially when he wakes up. It’s gotten more consistent. Last night, in fact, Matthew said that when he went in to wake him up for his dreamfeed, he was lying on the changing table, and kept jerking. Kind of like a startle reflex, only there was nothing startling him. So now I’m reading on my DS boards about Infantile Spasms, which is a form of epilepsy. About 1 to 5 of every 100 DS babies has Infantile Spasms, but a baby doesn’t have to have DS to get IS. But babies who get IS almost always have mental retardation later in life. Wow. So this is serious.

Now I’m worried so of COURSE I Google it. Along with all that other stuff I just spouted off in the above paragraph, I also learned that it often happens right after they wake up from sleep. It is also arching of their backs/torso, which he also does. And dropping of the neck. Which he does but I always attributed to his low tone. (Which it may be..)

I am going to call his doctor tomorrow. But please pray. She'll most likely send us to Children's to have an EEG. Thankfully, my mother will be able to watch Andrew. Only thing is that I have my six-week OB/GYN visit (a couple of weeks late....) at 1:30. all comes down at once, doesn't it?

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