Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My crappy front door

Okay, check out what these birds (I have no idea what kind) have done to the spot literally *right* outside my front door!!!!! To say, "Ah, CRAP!" puts it lightly.

It wasn't as bad...yeah, and then the eggs hatched. I've got four baby birds and a very protective momma bird (to this I can relate) who evidently poop their body weight every day. And MAN, forget going out the door to get the mail or the paper. You almost get your head pecked as they swoooooop down and get mere centimeters from your noggin.

Now, this isn't *too* bad of a problem as we normally go in and out of our garage. But when we have visitors or deliveries (which is still pretty often even though Benjamin is two months old today), we are constantly having to point out the nest and apologize for the mountain of poop. (Please don't step in it and drag it in the house....)

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Stephanie said...

hilarious! I need to post a picture of my crappy front door! I had a bird nest in my wreath. It laid eggs so I thought I was morally obligated to leave it.
Now I have a very crappy front door. :)