Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Boys

What can I say? I love them so much. All the trite things you hear about having kids are so true. You do love them more than you ever thought possible. You are amazed that anyone cannot believe in God when thinking about the miracle of life. You do become your mother.

The first picture of Benjamin and me was taken on our front porch when he was only five days old. We were still reeling in the news that our lives had changed forever. I kept thinking that I was going to wake up and have the normal baby I had dreamed of and planned for. The shock of all of it was still so new and raw. It still is sometimes, even as he cooes and occasionally smiles at me. Don't get me wrong; I wouldn't trade him for anything. But it sure is going to be a tough road. Good thing I am close with the One who engineers the traffic flow. ;)

The second picture is of my dear, sweet Andrew at my parents' house. I promise you, if Andrew could, he would never leave his Yampa and Namma's house. He loves them, he loves their pool, he loves their crackers, and he loves their toys. (What can I say, so do I!)

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